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Bottom Fishing - Bay or Ocean

Thanks to Mother Nature and efforts of the Ocean City Reef Foundation, the sea-floor off Maryland's coastline is dotted with hundreds of man-made artificial reefs and structures. Over the years, sunken ships, boats, barges, tanks, concrete ruble fields, cable piles, a WWII submarine and so much more has either accidentally, or strategically been sunk off the coastline.

Once on the bottom, such structure goes right to work providing a permanent home to many marine plants and animals as well as becoming an in-season "stop-over" for migrating game fish. The most popular targets for wreck fishermen include seabass, flounder, and tautog (blackfish). But, when fishing structure, variety is the name of the game, and anything is possible. 

2019 Pricing

Fish Finder w/up to 6-Passengers 

  • Near Shore / Half Day - $650 / 7:00 AM to Noon -or- 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM 
  • Near Shore / Full Day - $900 / 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Other Information

Depending upon the month, ocean bottom fishermen should also anticipate bluefish, triggerfish, jacks, blowfish, spadefish, trout, croaker, sharks, porgies, flounder, mackerel, and pollock. We enjoy all forms of bottom fishing aboard the FISH FINDER and take pleasure in customizing these trips to fit the needs and desires of our clients. And for those who would prefer not to go out in the ocean we'll be happy to target flounder in the bay.

From introducing children to joys of fishing on a simple half day trip, to straining the arms and backs of a group of experienced anglers on an all day quest - we have the equipment and experience to guide your group to a fun and successful day on the water.