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Shark School
Ocean City & Florida Keys 

During the summer our educational expeditions are run aboard the 40' FISH FINDER in Ocean City and during the winter we use our 17’ FISH’N FLY in the Florida Keys. All trips are a blend of fishing and education. In most cases our passengers will use sport-fishing tackle to bring the sharks to the boat where they can be closely examined, measured, tagged, photographed, and then safely released back into their own environment.

Ever want to watch sharks freely swimming and feeding around a boat, inspect the extraordinary sensory receptors that help them detect their prey, tell a male from a female, or learn to identify different shark species? Or how would you like to touch and have your picture taken with a live shark?

Having the proper equipment, decades of experience, and an extensive knowledge of sharks allows us to present these opportunities to the public in a format that is not only exciting and educational, but also safe for both our clients and the sharks they encounter. All sharks that are actually "caught" on our educational trips will be released. To assist marine science and shark research, many sharks will also be tagged for the National Marine Fisheries Service Cooperative Shark Tagging Program.

2017 Pricing

Location: Ocean City, Maryland
Boat: Fish Finder
Passengers: up to six

  • Near Shore / Half Day - $650 / 7:00 AM to Noon -or- 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM 
  • Near Shore / Full Day - $900 / 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM
  • Half Day Make-Up / Split Trips - $150 person, every Tuesday & Thursday in July & August 

In order to make our Educational Shark Encounter trips more affordable to individuals, couples and small families, we offer morning and afternoon expeditions every Tuesday and Thursday in July and August at a per-person price of $150 which includes: the tip for the 1st mate, non-alcoholic drinks, and and light snack food.

Location: Florida Keys
Boat: Fish’n Fly
Passengers: up to two

  • Half Day - $400 / 5-hours
  • Full Day - $600 / 8-hours

Other Information

Those interested in taking part in an expedition may contact us days or months in advance to reserve their place on the boat. Morning trips will leave the dock at 7:am and return at noon, while afternoon trips will leave at 1:pm and return at 6:pm.

Educational Shark Encounter trips will provide a safe and exciting offshore voyage where men, women, and children will have the opportunity to enjoy not only time on the water, but also the chance to learn firsthand about the habits and biology of one of the ocean's most intriguing predators as they assist the advancement of marine science through tagging and the collection of important shark data.