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Shark Jaw Mounting

If you've caught a shark would like to have the jaws professionally cleaned and mounted as a permanent trophy we can make that happen! With over 40-years experience processing shark jaws we have the tools and talent to turn your catch into something you'll be proud to display on your home or office wall for many years. When we're done your jaws will be clean, white, and free from offensive odors. If you wish, the jaws can also be mounted on a custom wooden plaque.

You need only remove the jaws from the shark, freeze them and mail* them to me overnight. If necessary, the entire head can be shipped. I process jaws in the fall and usually have them back to their owners in time for Christmas. The entire process takes about 4-weeks and is done during the cold weather months to take advantage of the low humidity and to avoid "yellowing" during the drying period.

When the jaws are completed you will be billed at the rates below. Upon receipt of payment, the finished jaws will be shipped to you, or you may arrange to pick them up.

*Please call me first before mailing jaws to ensure I'll be here to receive them when they arrive.

  • UP TO 299 POUNDS ................$150.00  
  • 300 Pounds and up ...................$300.00
    (Extra large and damaged jaws may require customized pricing)

  • Wooden Plaque .......................$30.00
  • Remove jaws from head..........$10.00
  • Packaging & Shipping (in U.S.) .....$30

Anyone who would like some pointers about how they can clean and mount thier own jaws are welcome to call me for suggestions. Just be aware that there are NO "easy" ways to clean jaws propoerly. Don't let anyone tell you to boil them, bleach them, let the ants eat them, or hang them in a tree and let the sun do the work - there are no shortcuts! If you want clean, white jaws it takes time and detailed work. I have a section dedicated to the process in my book "Modern Sharking." 

I provide this service so that fishermen may make full use of sharks that are legally and ethically taken for food. Sharks should not be killed strictly for their jaws and I will not mount jaws for fishermen who do so.