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Welcome to the 
Florida Keys

By Capt. Mark Sampson

Each year visitors from around the world are drawn to the warm tropical climate and the stunningly beautiful chain of islands that make up the Florida Keys. The waters that surround the Keys are rich in angling history and famous for the variety and quality of the fishing opportunities they provide. There are few places on earth where anglers can battle bluewater giants such as marlin or tuna in the morning and then cast to bonefish or tarpon over shallow flats in the afternoon, the Keys are one of those places. That’s also why February through April you’ll find us in the Keys in pursuit of tarpon, bonefish, sharks, permit, jacks, barracuda, redfish, snook and so many other species that frequent the shallow backcountry flats.


Fishing the flats can be described as a combination of fishing and hunting as anglers stand on the bow of the boat ready to fire off a cast when a fish is spotted within range. Much of the flats fishing we do is in less than three feet of water and sometimes less than a foot, but don’t think that skinny water means skinny fish - huge tarpon, enormous sharks, barracuda and a long list of other gamefish reside on the flats and provide anglers with exciting opportunities that can only be experienced in this unique environment.


Our boat “Fish’n Fly” is a 17’ Maverick skiff designed and rigged specifically for this type of shallow water fishing. With up to two anglers aboard and myself on the stern platform slowly pushing the boat ahead and calling out fish, “Permit at two o’clock! Tarpon at nine o’clock! Blacktip at twelve!” the hunt is on!!!

Between fish encounters, anglers will have a chance see and learn about local sea turtles, corals, sponges, jellyfish, mangrove Islands, marine plants, and beautiful bird life that is all a part of the incredible ecosystem of the shallow-water backcountry.

Anglers of all ages and skill levels are invited to join me for a full or half-day trip in the Florida Keys during the months of February, March and April. We’re based in the lower Keys between Big Pine and Key West, but our Fish’n Fly is kept on a trailer at night so that we can launch each day wherever is best to take advantage of current fishing conditions or our clients own special requests. I hope you’ll consider coming along on an adventure that could very well end up being the highlight of your Florida vacation!

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