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Modern Sharking - The Book!

Advancements in boats, tackle, and equipment, as well as changes in the attitudes and ethics of shark fisherman, have revolutionized recreational sharking. Modern Sharking is about sustainable shark fishing, and in this book anglers will learn the latest techniques for pursuing sharks while armed with rods, reels, and a higher level of knowledge and respect for their quarry.

For more than three decades, Captain Mark Sampson stood watch over chum lines, ran shark tournaments, worked with biologists, chased IGFA records, and guided thousands of clients to unique shark encounters. Now, he shares the knowledge and experience that allowed him to guide friends and clients to 17 world records for sharks. In Modern Sharking, Sampson examines how to chum, rig for, bait, hook, land, clean, cook, or release 20 species of sharks you'll most likely encounter. If you want to challenge one of the strongest fastest, most exciting creatures on planet Earth, then Modern Sharking is for you.


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Shark Teeth

Single teeth from either mako, blue or thresher sharks. These are not big teeth.

*PLEASE NOTE: These teeth are a byproduct of sharks that were brought in for food. None of these sharks were killed for their teeth.




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